Monday, October 13, 2008


Now I think I worked it out: It's all about choices. 
You build your life on the decisions you make, you rely your destiny on the choices or ways you take.
Every day you are committed to your day-to-day life through your decisions.
You decide to open your eyes, get up from bed, wash yourself, and there you go...
You have just decided to live another day.
Every single day you decide what road you will take, whether you'll be in a good or bad mood, give nice or tough answers and you stuff your day with all the consequences that will make the difference on your daily-fate.
Making those choices doesn't mean you're good, bad, right or wrong.
They're just your decisions, your life. When making decisions you take the chance.
To own your life means be responsible for your decisions and consequently been responsible for the risks of ruining or fortunate it. And there you went for another go...
Welcome to adulthood.
Nobody is responsible for your very own life but you.
This is it, that's life.

We never know and won't ever know the future, our decisions are based on our own experiences and experiences are an accumulated of data from a lived situations.
Then how can we work out which way to get whether every day is a new and very particular day that brings its own unknown roads and sort of choices?
How to decide what way to get when they are never the same as the yesterdays and even whether they seem most likely, they are not?!?
That's what we call living.
We spend the whole day trying to work out right decisions to situations we think we know the consequences, but it's all a big lottery and the jackpot is happiness.
But if you go bad... wow... do you have faith in God?... Well it will be a good time to start, try something coz to catch yourself in a wave of confusing decisions is not good.
It can lead you to death or to a dead road.
And as the days are the weeks are, months are, years are... ages are...
As the days are life is.
Relax and let it flow... flow with it.
It’s just your life. Have fun with it, please your self, learn with your very own decisions.
Decisions can be changed; we can always change our minds and restart somehow, somewhere. There's no bad that lasts for ever or body to resist.
No matter how long it takes, everything ends.

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  1. que legal!! gostei das palavras!
    acho que é mais ou menos aquela conversa daquele dia mesmo!!
    é por aí! não tem jeito...
    uma hora a gente sai do buraco, babe!