Thursday, October 30, 2008

WhAt DiD i WaNt 10 YeArS aGo?!

If I were allowed to a wish, a single one, that would surely be to "have the power for turning back time preserving my memories". Then I would go back in time to prevent some mistakes and irreplaceable losts. I would save me from frustration and regret.

But as I still can tell the difference between the real world and my own world I know that's not possible.

Attempting to have some fun and enjoy myself, proving that I've learnt that lesson, I'll make a list of things I want to do.

And from now on, I'll try not to talk about regret, frustration, unhappiness, blah-blah-blah... and enjoy more been my own companion, coz this is the lesson: “don’t put your happiness in anyone else coz you won’t find it in anybody but in you!”

 I’ve already done a list when I was 16yo, so I’ll just change few things in the future coz I'm turning 26 now hehehe.

I can't believe 10 years have gonne…

1-      Learn how to play acoustic guitar

2-     Play in a not known place, but for people who really like me

3-     Workout

4-     Treat my acne

5-     Go to Uni

6-     Study:

a.      Pharmacy

b.      Biology

c.       Chemistry

d.      Portuguese/English

e.      Law

f.        Physics

g.      Physical Education

h.     Nutrition

7-     Chose one of those

8-    Really learn English

9-     Learn French

10- Take a tour:

a.      Fernando de Noronha, min 3 days

b.      Bonito, min a week

c.       Bora Bora, min 3 days

d.      Tahiti, min 3 days

e.      NY, a week

f.        France, a month

g.      Hawaii, a week

11-  Get to know the sea

12- Quit smoking

13- Quit drinking

14- See all movies staring movies of a year in the cinema

15-  To watch, personally, a Grammy Awards

16- Help mom in her elderly days

17-  Help my siblings to reach their aims

18- “…to love and be loved in return…”

19- To build my own house

20-To have a small car, like a Palio

21-Write my memories

22-work as a volunteer in a hospital for cancer treatment

23-Buy an ipod

24-Be patient, calm, serene, tranquil

25-Be gentle

25-Be optimist – believe more in people and that are really giving their best

26-Don’t demand more than people can give me

27-Be glad with what people can offer me

28-Always wish more from life – Always

29-Work for more – Always

30-Read at least 6 books a year, and 2 in some other language

31-Love better, live better

32-Buy all Alanis cds

33-Study Photography

34-Get a professional digital camera

35-See live on stage:

a.      Alanis Morissette

b.      Shakira

c.       Jamie Cullum

d.      Engenheiros do Hawaii

e.      Frejat

36-“Don’t be mean with others heart”

37-Be more presente for my family

38-Believe in the humanity that lays in humankind


a.      Pendulum

b.      Skydiving

c.       Bang Jump

d.      Scoobadiving

e.      Paragliding

f.        Skiing

g.      Snowboarding

h.     Arborismo

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