Monday, November 03, 2008


Just quoting...

"When you meet the person you wanna spend the rest of your life with you just can't wait to the rest of my life start"

But how to feel when you mistake, screw up everything and you can't do anything but see this person passing by and leaving?
I can't wait to this rest of life finish!
Well, let's live this rest of life then.

"To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is divine"

I'm human, I do mistakes
I'm human, I love for being loved
I'm human, I soffer
I'm human, one day I won't be here anymore

1- Learn how to play acoustic guitar
That's nice.

When I started writing that list I was 16 and It was called "Things to do b4 I die"
I kept adding stuff, but never removed any so you'll see some odd explans for some of those.

All my childhood with my grandmother playing guitar to me has made me a lover of acoustic instruments and gospel songs. What put me really into that a capella, soul and kinda jazz things... I'm not an expert about music (That's for Dani, Rekka and Xchris - my musicians friends), but my ears like those sounds.
When I turned 15 my mom gave me an acoustic guitar. 
Wow, It was like a dream to me! I spent hours just looking and polishing it. She couldn't really afford that but she made her sacrifices to see my smile.
During all that year I didn't learn nothing useful about playing that, besides I treated with such care that looked more like a person than an instrument.
I had these friend who played in a reggae band who used to play my guitar for me... Stupid I know now, what's the point of owning a guitar if you can't play?! After a year I decided and could afford a tutor with my own founds.
I've learnt a little about history of music and the Thao Theory, some melodies, and after 3 months finally came my first song. I learnt the famous "happy birthday to you".
The excitement passed as my mind turned to other stuffs like start working and the obsession for learning a new language, there was also that pressure about university. I left my guitar aside and began to fight harder for a place in this world I belong to now.
Unfortunately I've a selective memory, what means I don't keep memories of things that hurt me badly. I don't have a clue about what happened with that guitar.
What's really strange coz I always kept on me that deep feeling of learning and the passion for that.
Few years after, 10 years to be more precise, I got a present, a very nice one. God sent me through the hands of an angel an acoustic guitar.
Today, November 2nd, just 6 days from my 26th anniversary, I've checked the item number one of my list. I'm back into acoustic guitar lessons. I've got my first 4 chords (Am, E, G) and I've learnt how to tune my guitar. I'm not done with it yet. But I'm on my way and I'm heading to the end of that list.

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  1. tb quero tomar cerveja cocê, breguetinho!!!

    menino, aprenda a tocar então! eu podia ter te ensinado, né?

    pooow! e vc comprou esse violão aí? é de nylon, né?