Saturday, April 03, 2010


I was wondering...
My life is so full of cycles, everything goes up and down every now and then. Is it me or the whole living experience thing is a total mess? Am I unstable or I just didn't reach that stability which only adulthood brings?
And what is that with feelings?!
Wtf! Why are they always so confusing, sometimes so certain and other times so uncertain?
What about this love thing?
I don't know I'm stating to think I'm sort of a fool, ain't even sure if I ever loved.
All my experiences are so intense but brief. I know people who are around for much longer than me and at my age they were living much stable situations than I usually do.
What a mess!
Feelings are not trustful and life can be a bitch sometimes.
So what?
Fuck it!
I just wanna have an exciting experience today... and leave tomorrow for tomorrow.
Is it this kind of thought that makes my life so messy and emotionally oscillating?
Argh... I won't stay another day homesick, I'm out of here!

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