Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I sAw U bEhInD tHe BuShEs mR sPaRrOw

From behind the bushes came the song
Sounding like a dry throat high-pitched out of tune lullaby
Thought you were dying mr Sparrow
But when I went to check you were fine
Somehow the pain you felt as deadly wasn't, you were fine
Eventually you stopped singing and flew away
After a while life seemed normal
Even caught you sneaking seeds from the sowed fields
And singing, yeah I saw the times you sang happily mr Sparrow
So I assumed you were actually fine
But every now and then you come around with that lullaby
It's a nightmare
You are fine mr Sparrow
When you cry out from behind the bushes I'm the only one to hear
And I know you are fine
Then just sing your nice songs, forget about that bush
No more pain coz I saw you behind the bushes and I know you are fine
You are fine mr Sparrow


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