Saturday, May 24, 2008


Have you ever felt tired, completely fed up of everything that has been surrounding you your hole life?!
Too dramatic, maybe for you! But I'm really tired of this feelings, I'd like to leave myself in a shelf and pick it up when I want...
Like a coat, I'd like to change the way I see and specially the way I feel the world around me.
I don't want to be emotional anymore
Don't want to feel lonely, or abandoned
I don't wanna feel miscomprehended, neglected or sad
Kills me when I can't make things happen, when I can't have what I want to!
I'd like to have more limits to love... don't go too deep, don't forget myself...
There's always a moment when I get to that point and realize nobody's taking care of me, neither me coz I often forget myself.
I'd rather love me more coz no one seems to be up to do it in such complete way.
For most of people seems too dramatic, but that's how I feel and if for you is too dramatic too It's alright.
That just means you're one more of those whom are not up to care me as I deserve and you'll not have the pleasure of been loved full time!

I don't wanna trust anymore...
I don't want to suffer
No more
No more tears

At the end Is just the way I am, and I can't just change it as I take of my trainers
It's been 25 years, 6 months, 15 days and a little more then 10 hours, and even trying to change myself into something different
I am still the emotional, lonely hearted, abandoned, miscomprehended, neglected, sad, weak... dramatic.
Bluehearted Guy

306 months
9297 days
223138 hours
13388280 minutes

And as many more as come... I'll keep trying, learning, living, loving!

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