Friday, June 12, 2009

June 8th

BlueHearted People

You know that day the only thing you need
Is to get a call from a friend saying HI
But noone seems to be there for you
That day you just want a nice smile from anybody
Then you start to wonder about with no destination
And you decide to look for that special place of yours
That secret place, a corner in the middle of the city where all the noise goes away
A place known only by you and the other bluehearted people
It's somewhere on a side street
There is a bench there where you can sit down and watch your life passing by
Let the loneliness and decepctions of your days pass by your eyes
As if you were only audience watching a play
So, on the time arms, it goes by and you can finally feel free
Ready to keep up with your days until happiness comes around once again
But then you reach that place, that special and secret side street
You find out the bench where all that magic could happen has been removed
It's all fucked!
If you are having days like that or if today was one of those
You are not alone, I'm with you.

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